Azure Cluster Removal Errors

1. Azure Cluster cannot be removed due to shares resources in the resource group

If Azure resources are created manually in a Kublr cluster’s resource group, then Kublr may fail to delete such cluster automatically in some situations.

For example if you create a Virtual Machine manually ing the Kublr cluster’s resource group and connect it to the cluster subnet then you can get the following error when removing the cluster:

Subnet KublrCluster-Subnet is in use by /subscriptions/…/resourceGroups/KublrCluster/providers/Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces/KublrCluster-NIC/ipConfigurations/ipconfig1 and cannot be deleted. In order to delete the subnet, delete all the resources within the subnet. See

To fix this error, it is necessary to either remove all manually created resources, or make sure that they do not depend on any of the resources created automatically by Kublr.