Kublr Release 1.26.1 (2023-08-04)

Kublr 1.26.1 Agents and Controlplane components critical fixes

This release addresses a memory leak issue in the Kublr Agents caused by client-go v0.26.0.

We have reported this bug on Kubernetes under the issue titled Using Dial function with client-go kubernetes.NewForConfig triggers a memory leak and have implemented memory-free logic in the Kublr agents and Controlplane components.

The Kublr team strongly recommends that all customers migrate to v1.25.4 or newer and use the agents provided in this release.

If you are using a cluster created in Kublr Controlplane v1.25.0 or newer, the Kublr team strongly recommends updating the seeder version to 1.25.9-13 and terminating nodes with the previous seeder version. Please follow the article on the solution portal for seeder replacement.

Supported Kubernetes Versions

VersionKublr AgentNotes version: v1.26.4 in 1.27.0 of support in 1.27.0

Important Changes

  • Addressed memory leak in Kublr cluster-controller and feature-controller caused by client-go v0.26.0
  • UI changes now provide warnings about impacted agents and seeder usage

Kublr Quick Start

To quickly get started with Kublr, run the following command in your terminal:

sudo docker run --name kublr -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 9080:9080 kublr/kublr:1.26.1

The Kublr Demo/Installer docker container can be run on ARM-based PC, such as MacBook M1.

Follow the full instructions in Quick start for Kublr Demo/Installer.

AirGap Artifacts list

To use Kublr in an airgap environment, you will need to download the following BASH scripts from the repository at https://repo.kublr.com:

You will also need to download the following Helm package archives and Docker images list:




v1.23 (Deprecated in 1.27.0)

v1.22 (Deprecated in 1.26.0, End of support in 1.27.0)

Components versions


ComponentVersionKublr AgentNotes
Kubernetes1.261.26.4-3Default version: v1.26.4 in 1.27.0 of support in 1.26.0

Kublr Control Plane

Kublr Operator1.26.1
Kublr Control Plane1.26.1

Kublr Platform Features

Kublr System1.26.1
LocalPath Provisioner (helm chart version)0.0.24-15
nginx ingress controller (helm chart version)4.7.0
cert-manager (helm chart version)1.10.2
Centralized Logging1.26.1
SearchGuard Kibana plugin53.0.0
SearchGuard Admin7.10.2-53.6.0
OpenSearch (helm chart version)2.6.2
OpenSearch Dashboards(helm chart version)
Centralized Monitoring1.26.1
Prometheus2.37.8 LTS
Kube State Metrics (helm chart version)5.6.4
Victoria Metrics

Known Issues and Limitations

  1. For Kublr Kubernetes clusters deployed on vSphere, you may encounter an update error that requires manual unmounting of CD/DVD drive 1 from each virtual machine using the vCenter console.

  2. Elasticsearch is only supported on the AMD64 architecture. If you are using an ARM64 cluster, you can use tag 7.17.9 for the cluster nodes. Refer to the following link for more information: Use Elasticsearch v7.16.3 or Above.

  3. vSphere CSI limitation: Please refer to the VMWare documentation for information on vSphere functionality supported by the vSphere Container Storage Plug-in.

  4. CRI change limitation: When deploying an Ingress controller in hostPort mode (typically for vSphere or BareMetal installations), DNAT rules may not be cleaned properly. This is an open issue in the Felix project. If your Ingress NGINX controller connection times out, please reboot the worker nodes.

  5. SUSE SLES 12 sp5 can’t be run with ContainerD CRI (Docker is end of support in Kuberntes v1.24.0). Kublr can’t find the correct way for automatically installing containerd-ctr utilities, but fully supports Kubernetes installation with preinstalled ContainerD CRI and containerd-ctr utilities.

  6. Google Cloud Platform SUSE SLES 15 sp4 can’t use the Google Cloud Engine CSI PD driver. The root cause is the relocation of /lib/udev to /var/lib/udev on the root file system. Please use custom CSI drivers installation and disable Kublr CSI support via the cluster spec:

          auto_behavior: manual