Migration to v1.24.2

Important Notice: Kublr v1.24.2 should only be upgraded from v1.23.0 or higher!

To upgrade to Kublr v1.24.2, you must first upgrade to v1.23.2. Skipping upgrades (from v1.22, v1.21, v1.20, etc.) is not supported and may not work as intended.

It is recommended to use at least Kublr v1.24.2, as it includes several critical and important patches and fixes.

Before upgrading, it is advisable to backup your KCP data using the instructions on the support portal:

Other useful links:

Important known Issue with Migrating Azure Clusters to Kublr v1.23.0 or Higher

Kublr kubernetes clusters deployed on Azure with earlier versions of Kublr may experience an Azure deployment error during an upgrade or update. For more information on how to fix this issue, please refer to the Kublr Support Portal article on Azure: Fixing the Zoned Resources Error on Migration to Kublr 1.23.0 or Higher.

For Kubernetes clusters deployed to AWS with Kublr agents version: 1.24.8-4, 1.24.8-6, 1.23.14-4 and 1.23.14-6, volume expansion is not work propertly. Please use 1.24.8-7 and 1.23.14-7 instead!

Simultaneous Update of Kublr Control Plane

When upgrading to Kublr Control Plane v1.24.1, use the following component versions:

  • kublrOperator: 1.24.1
  • ControlPlane: 1.24.1