Deploy Kubernetes Сluster with Automated SSH

Deploy Kubernetes Сluster with Automated SSH


Learn how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on-premises with the Kublr Platform using the SSH protocol.


You will need to run Kublr Control Plane. For instruction on how to do this, go to On-Premises Installation.

To install Kubernetes via ssh, your setting should be:

  1. Direct connection from Kublr Control Plane
  2. Opened 22 ssh port
  3. Nodes are accessed through one ssh private key for each node in the instance group
  4. Ssh key must be without passphrase
  5. Command sudo for escalate privileges should work without a password

Create secret for ssh private key

Go to the Credentials tab and create ssh private key

create SSH key

Create Cluster

  1. On the left menu, click Clusters.

  2. Click Add Cluster. Add New Cluster The Select Installation Type dialog is displayed.

  3. In the Select Installation Type dialog, click Cluster.

  4. Click Continue Setup. Installation Type - Cluster The ADD CLUSTER dialog is displayed.

  5. In the ADD CLUSTER dialog, set Provider to “Bring Your Own Infrastructure”.

  6. Specify Cluster Name.

  7. Select Kublr Agent.

  8. Specify Kubernetes Version. On-Premises-Add Cluster-General Settings

  9. If necessary, expand the Advanced Options and set them.

  10. Click the INSTANCES step.

  11. Use the Master Configuration section.

  12. Specify the parameters of the master node(s) of your cluster as described below.

  13. From the Masters list, select the number of master or management nodes.

  14. If more than one master is selected, set the Load Balancer Address.

  15. Set Installation Type to Automated using SSH.

  16. Type in User Name.

  17. Select SSH Key Name.

  18. For each master, type in IP/DNS of Matster X. On-Premises-Add Cluster Using SSH-Master Configuration

  19. Scroll to the Instance Group section (default name group1).

  20. Specify the parameters of the worker node(s) in your group as described below.

  21. Set Installation Type to Automated using SSH.

  22. Type in User Name.

  23. Select SSH Key Name. On-Premises-Add Cluster Using SSH-Instance Group Configuration

  24. To add a working node, in the Node Addresses, click the Plus button and enter the IP or DNS addresses, and then confirm the entered addresses by pressing the Confirm button.

  25. If necessary, set your own name for the instance group.

    Note You can also clone or delete the current instance group, or add another one. Instance Group-Operations

  26. Click the REVIEW & CREATE step.

  27. Review your cluster parameters.

  28. At the bottom of the dialog, click CONFIRM AND INSTALL.

    A notification is displayed “Your cluster is being created. It might take a few minutes.”

  29. In the notification window, click OK.

    Your new cluster page is displayed on the Events tab showing the cluster creation progress.