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Applicable for:
ProviderAWS, Azure, GCP, VMware vSphere, On-Premises


Kublr collects metrics including detailed resource usage information on the managed clusters and in the platform at all operation levels. In addition to the centralized monitoring subsystem, it is possible to deploy self-hosted monitoring stack in each managed cluster.

NOTE You can find a lot of materials related to the monitoring feature usage, advanced customization and troubleshooting on the Kublr support portal. Find links and search tips in the “See also” section below.

For Cluster

Select Self-hosted Monitoring and specify components that need to be installed and their configuration:

  • Prometheus and
  • Grafana and/or
  • AlertManager

Persistance can be enabled or discabled for each componets and the Disk size can be specified.


For Platform

Unlike cluster:

  • Neither Prometheus nor Grafana monitoring can be disabled.
  • It has name Centralized Monitoring.
  • You can only enable or disable persistence for each option.

Participate in Scenarios

  • Information will be provided soon.

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