Persistence enabled

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Applicable for:
Component (Feature)* Elasticsearch (Logging)
* Prometheus (Monitoring)
* Grafana (Monitoring)
* Alert Manager (Monitoring)


The Persistence enabled option means “store data of logging or monitoring on a dedicated external disk” (will survive shutdown of a node)"):

  • If not selected, the data is stored within a node itself and will be erased on the node shutdown/restart.
  • If selected, also requires specifying a value for the Disk size parameter.

Pros and contras

Exchange data with a disk takes time. If you are in the development mode with frequent restarts, it may be better not to use the Persistence enabled option. On the other hand, when not selected, the data takes resource of a node itself.

Participate in Scenarios

  • Information will be provided soon.

See Also

  • This documentation: search for “persistence” or alike to find more information about using the parameter.
  • Kublr support portal: Expanding Persistent Volumes