Load Balancer

Applicable for:
ProviderVMware vSphere, On-Premises
TAB - SectionINSTANCES - Master Configuration(*1)
TAB - SectionFEATURES - Ingress Contoller(*1) » Advanced Options

*1. Available only if Masters number is more than 1.


A core strategy for maximizing availability and scalability, load balancing distributes network traffic among multiple backend services efficiently. In Kubernetes, a range of options for load balancing external traffic to pods exists.

Load Balancer for Master Nodes

For multi-master cluster, for routing traffic, the Load Balancer Address parameter can be optionally specified.

Load Balancer for Ingress Controller

For multi-master cluster, Load Balancer options can be specified for the Ingress Controller feature.

The following parameters are available:

  • Load Balancer Address - the load balancing address for Ingress controller. It may be an address of one of worker nodes. Make sure that, if specified, this address works and forwards requests to the cluster ingress controller, otherwise the cluster will not be fully functional.
  • Load Balancer Port HTTP - load balancing HTTP port for Ingress Controller.
  • Load Balancer Port HTTPS - load balancing HTTPS port for Ingress Controller.

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