Docker Registry

Applicable for:
ProviderAWS, Azure, GCP, VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Director, On-Premises
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For your cluster, besides the default image sources, you can additionally specify one or several Docker Registry image repositories. You need to:

  1. In Kublr, create credentials for the Docker Registry repository. Adding Credentials - Docker Registry Credentials

  2. Attach this credentials information to your cluster. Adding Cluster - Adding Docker Registries


Docker registry(s) attached to a cluster may be used to override the default data sources.

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  • Override default should be specified if you want to use one of your attached Docker repositories for installing Kublr “system” components:

    • All Docker Registries for the components of Kubernetes
    • Docker Registries used by Kublr features (such as Ingress, Logging, Monitoring, KCP)

    NOTE Additional detailed Override default customization can be performed via a cluster specification. See details in System docker images customization

  • Also, the following default repositories can be overridden:

    • Override
    • Override
    • Override
    • Override
    • Override

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See Also

  • This documentation: search for “docker registry” or alike to find more information about using the option.