DNS Setup

How to Configure DNS for a Cluster with Ingress Controller?

The Ingress controller requires additional manual DNS configuration to point your domain to the Cluster Load Balancer address.

  1. Amazon Web Services Configuration
  2. Microsoft Azure Configuration

For SSL certificates configuration please refer to Using SSL/TLS certificates for HTTPS

AWS Configuration Steps

  1. Find newly created ELB in your AWS Management Console: EC2 Load Balancers for your cluster region and sort by created date and check ELB tags: KubernetesCluster with name of your cluster (in example below: dds1) should exist:

    List of ELBs

  2. Copy DNS Name value from ELB to clipboard:

    ELB Overview

  3. Create new wild-card domain pointing to ELB Domain Name. Record Type should be set to A (IPv4 Address), alias should be selected:

    DNS Record Set

  4. Test configuration by opening browser for configured domain.

    Browser with configured domain

That’s it. Your Ingress DNS is configured!

Microsoft Azure Configuration Steps

  1. You will need to find the Load Balancer IP address to use later while configuring the domain. Open the resources group with Kublr Platform or Kublr Cluster:

    Resources Group

  2. Sort all resources by “TYPE” and then click on resources, with type Load Balancer, and name your Resources group’s name
  3. Copy Public IP address of Load Balancer. This IP is the address of your Kublr Ingress controller.

    Load Balancer

  4. Now you can configure the domain using your DNS server by creating DNS A record for your domain pointing to the Public IP of Ingress controller
  5. You can create an A record for your domain pointing to this IP using your DNS server or delegate the domain to Microsoft Azure
  6. Test the configuration by opening a browser for the configured domain.

    Browser with configured domain

Delegating DNS Domain to Microsoft Azure

  1. Create a “DNS zone” in the Azure portal:

    Search DNS Zone

    DNS Zone

  2. Delegate control of your domain to Azure using these name servers:


  3. Go to your “DNS zone” and create an A record. Use empty “Name” so the Kublr platform will be directly on your domain name. Use the Ingress Public IP address from step 3.

    DNS Record Set

    The DNS progagation may take up to 24 hours.